Spiral Welded Steel Pipes


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Stage 1

Hot rolled steel coil bands are taken to the stock area by performing the necessary measurement control, mechanical and chemical tests and determining their compliance with the standards, after the band number and band acceptance labelling are done.

Stage 2

The rolls accepted in the stock area are shipped to production after slitting in width suitable for the pipe diameter to be produced, if necessary.

Stage 3

If necessary, all tested and slitted rolls are milled to obtain a high-quality weld structure before being converted into a spiral form.

Stage 4

The steel band at an angle suitable for the desired pipe diameter takes its spiral form with the forming rollers and is joined first from the inside and then from the outside with the submerged arc welding method.

Stage 5

During the production process, lamination and ultrasonic welding control of the pipe surface is done online.

Stage 6

Spiral welded steel pipes with continuity features due to their spiral form and the possibility of adding bands are cut to the lengths required by the specification and/or standard.

Stage 7

The first visual control of the material that has been cut and has now taken the form of a pipe is made. At this stage, the pipe dimensions are checked against visible errors as well as whether they are in the desired dimensions.

Stage 8

Pipe ends are welded in accordance with standards in order to reduce field application processes and to provide high welding quality.

Stage 9

Pipes with welded openings are subjected to hydrostatic testing at pressures stipulated by customer specifications and relevant standards, taking into account the operating pressures.

Stage 10

As required by customer specifications and related standards, a radioscopic inspection of pipes is made by X-Ray.

Phase 11

Pipes passing through all stages are checked at the final control station according to the quality plan prepared in accordance with the customer specifications and relevant standards.

Phase 12

The final visual control of the pipes, of which all processes are followed by the computer and barcode system with their ID numbers, is made. The pipes requested with insulation in the specification are sent to the relevant coating hall, and the pipes requested as bare are marked and shipped to the stock area.


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